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As of June 2017 we will be posting all our news letters on the website so be sure to check up on us regularly.

We would like to confirm our numbers for our winter swimming program.

Some information about the winter program:

We know that it is cold during the winter and we always do our best at keeping our little ones warm.

During the winter program we are able to teach the children outside and inside the pool. We take it very seriously to teach the children about safety and to improve their technique in swimming. Your child may not swim everyday due to the dry land drills that we will be doing. We will be watching videos of swimmers and the teachers will demonstrate in the pool what they have watched before they get to try it themselves. We will try and swim as much as possible in the winter months as this is where we see the biggest growth in Learning to Swim for our little tadpoles.

Going into winter it is best that you bring a warm gown, beany and closed wet shoes. Also the swim school will be ordering personalised swimming coats for the swimmers and the parents. The jackets are R480 and are available in black or green. We would like to place an order for our first batch of jackets by the Monday the 12th of June. Please be sure to send us an email or a whatsapp. We have samples of Jackets at the school so that you can try them on to be sure of the size.

Please also bring the normal swim attire costume, big towel (not a hand towel) Swim cap. (Silocone caps keep hair a little more dryer in winter).

If your child does not have a swimming cap you can purchase a swimming cap from us for R80.

The winter program has a huge influence on all our future swimming classes and will truly benefit the children in motor skills, coordination and concentration.  

The children may come home with a dry swimming costume which would instigate that we did not swim but instead did our dry land drills. We would like to ask the parents to please send a pair of old clothes along with their swimming bag in case we decide to do the “fall in with clothes” drill. This would just help children to understand that there is no need to panic that you are swimming with your clothes on but instead encourage them to be cautious around the pool.


We will be hosting a small reward ceremony at each of our Nursery schools in the morning of the 27th of June. The ceremony will last about 30 minutes. We will confirm the times for each school the week before. Please be sure to notify us if you will be able to attend.

Revival city college’s ceremony will be held at the school’s assembly on the morning of the 26th of June.

For our Home children your ceremony will be between 16h00 and 18h00pm on the 27th of June. We would like all the swimmers who took part this season to attend in order to receive their certificate. Please send us confirmation if you will be attending. We look forward to seeing you there.



Due to parents not committing to paying fees, we have now joined up with Accountability and they will be dealing with any bad debts that have been owing to us. This is also a reminder that all fees are due one month in advance.


If you think that we are doing an outstanding job please don’t forget to refer us to your friends and family. If we are failing to meet your expectations please talk to us so that we may better ourselves.




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